How can I help you?

What I do

I am a Clairvoyant Healer and Psychic Medium.

The unknown events or patterns in our lives and bodies often are what’s causing illness or creating stress and anxiety. This can cause a person to become depressed or unable to achieve their goals. I see these patterns of illness and stress within the body and remove them, allowing the color to flood back into a person's life.

I read the energy of an illness, relationship, or outcome of any life event. The body doesn’t speak in words; it speaks in energy. I act as interpreter. I see the relationship between the human body and the soul.

I speak the language of energy.


"I have had the pleasure to meet Bill and see the true talent and ability that he has.  Not only did he look into my past and see what was hidden in my energy, he looked into my future and helped me connect the dots...  I was amazed, he was able to relay messages, clean my energy and leave me feeling better than I was.  I was truly vibrating at a higher frequency!  He is the real deal and I was very impressed!  I can't wait to pass along his contact info to relatives and friends so they can benefit from his gift."

- A.S. Jackson, NJ


Psychic and clairvoyant Bill Bradley welcomes you to learn more about the psychic reading and medical medium services he offers. Find out more about his services and book a reading with him on this website.