Medical Medium and Clairvoyant Healer


“I do not know how he was able to understand the dynamics of my family or the deeper parts of what was going on in my life. ... It kind of moved me from being a victim in how it is that I was living my life [to giving me] a sense of authority over my choices, and what those decisions were that would best serve me.”


What if the solution to your issue resides outside of your mind? Contact a medical medium to find out.

In my practice, the roots of medical mediumship are entwined deeply with my ability to see exactly where an illness begins in the body. Treating the symptoms of the disease is crucial, but what if you could turn it off at the source? 

That is my specialty: locating the unknown, buried, or intangible beginning of the disease pattern with a large degree of certainty, finding out what is required to neutralize it on the spiritual, emotional, and physical levels, then shutting it down.  I remove it at its source. The result is a break in the pattern that has held it in your body, allowing you increased freedom from its effects.

My skill as a medical medium has helped those with cancer, depression, addiction, and those with illness of mind, body, and spirit. With each day and each experience I learn more, my intuition grows, and my development in medical mediumship becomes more actualized. I am here to help you.

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What I Do as a Medical Medium

Clairvoyant and medical medium Bill Bradley works through contact with the spirit world. He describes it in this video. "I can see your energy field and as I'm looking at you the spirit world comes to the side of my head and touches me, literally like fingers.”

I am a Clairvoyant Healer and Medical Medium.

I have helped people with cancer, depression, and many other medical issues. I have found it’s the unknown events or patterns in our lives and bodies that are what’s causing illness or creating stress and anxiety. The issue often is rooted outside your mind. It’s not “all in your head.” I see this when working with different types of cancer particularly. I see these patterns of illness and stress within the body and remove them, allowing the color to flood back into a person's life.

The body doesn’t speak in words; it speaks in energy. I act as interpreter. I read the energy of an illness. I see the relationship between the human body and the soul.

I speak the language of energy.


"Everything that he says actually has a meaning, and then it all comes together. Everything is just so true, and he's so spot on."

Client Testimonials

“Not only did he look into my past and see what was hidden in my energy, he looked into my future and helped me connect the dots...  I was amazed, he was able to relay messages, clean my energy and leave me feeling better than I was.”  - A.S. Jackson, NJ

“Bill is a natural as a clairvoyant. He knew I had a medical issue with my energy and blood pressure being low. No way could he have known!” – M.

“I am so grateful for his healing gifts and highly recommend him for a truly insightful reading.” - J.H., Rockaway, NJ

“His approach to a reading is different from any other psychic I have seen. He is the most accurate clairvoyant of any I have seen.” - G.G., Long Valley, NJ

Leave a review on Google , or read reviews from clients who have had medical medium sessions with Bill.

Leave a review on Google, or read reviews from clients who have had medical medium sessions with Bill.